What Makes Friga Bohn a Popular Brand for Refrigeration Products?

Refrigeration products are highly essential for various industries. Starting from the pharmaceuticals, foods processing to research labs, the needs of refrigerators are inevitable for many industries. Apart from this, the commercial sectors or large retail sectors also need the best quality refrigeration units. For the best quality refrigeration unit, naturally, they prefer to buy products from a well-known brand like Friga Bohn.

A popular brand:

Friga Bohn in UAE is indeed one of the most popular brands for refrigeration products. As mentioned above, starting from the commercial retail sectors to industries or research laboratories, all prefer their refrigeration units to be of Friga Bohn brand. Friga Bohn is not just a reputed brand offering good quality; it is one of the most experienced in the industry as well, serving since past 90 years.

However, Friga Bohn in UAE is popular due to its innovative products. For example, XR is a popular commercial unit cooler in the food service market segment. Powered by the superior technologies, these products can operate at a much lower temperature range. The users who want low temperature storage rooms for their products, even up to -10 degree, always trust on the Friga Bohn products. The brand (Friga Bohn) by Heatcraft Europe has been there in business since 1918.

Assured quality:

Starting from the supermarkets, grocery stores to restaurants, Friga Bohn in UAE is an extremely popular brand for many groups. For requirements in large industries, the products like commercial evaporators, industrial evaporators, Mon Block, power packs condensers, and more, are preferred to be from Friga Bohn brand. No matter you look for the latest installations or to replace the already present ones, the brand has been an ultimate choice among the industries. There is no doubt about the brand’s quality as the products of Friga Bohn are all ISO 9001, PGD & CE certified.


It is essential for any industry to purchase the best quality refrigeration system to keep the products fresh and safe for a longer duration. Friga Bohn is a popular brand for such high-end refrigeration needs across industries. The products of the brand being ISO 9001, PGD & CE certified, always ensure the best quality.


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