Understand the Crucial Refrigeration Components and their Features

Refrigeration components hold much importance in modern times. In fact, refrigeration systems used in the commercial sectors or food processing companies are directly associated with product quality. Hence, these units should strictly follow the top standards and must belong to the best brands only.

Standards to be followed:

It is advised to check through the entire range of products prior selecting a brand for your refrigeration requirements. Make sure the product of the brand fulfills the top standards such as Eurovent, ISO 9001, and PGD & CE. The likes of Friga Bohn refrigeration products always do fulfill these standards strictly. No matter you want refrigeration products for a cold store, a commercial unit, a company, or for a restaurant, the above standard is a must to be fulfilled. Especially, for the products like evaporators, condensers, Mono Blocks, etc., the above standard are a must to be followed (irrespective of the size of your refrigeration unit). Apart from being used in commercial requirements, the Friga Bohn refrigeration products are extreme favorites among the industrial groups as well.

While buying the compressors:

When it comes to the products like compressors, greater importance should be given on technical aspects more. You need to mention very specifically to the vendor as well while asking for the compressors. For example, there are customized compressor units are available for smaller units, and large scroll compressors are used for the likes of pharmaceutical manufacturing units. Hence, the degree of cooling or functionalities, everything should be specified well while dealing with these products.


Coming to the condensing units, requirements for these products are considered most challenging for the smaller refrigeration units, rather than the larger ones. From 115 V to 230 V, there is a great range of refrigeration condensers one can find these days. No doubt, Friga Bohn is one of the best brands for all these requirements. Friga-Bohn products are preferred as these are appropriate for both new installations, as well as while replacing with an older one. Suppliers of Friga Bohn in UAE are always preferred for such varieties as they directly through the manufacturers.


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