Benefits Offered by the CPVC Pipes

CPVC or Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes and pipe fittings are manufactured by the post-chlorination of the polyvinyl resin. The pipes are used by the portable water distribution systems, for handling the more corrosive fluids and for suppressing fire incidences, among other areas. There are a number of advantages offered by the CPVC pipes over their metal counterparts, like copper.

Theft safety
These pipes do not have scrap value, and hence, they do not suffer from the job-site theft incidences. They bring a number of unique and worthy advantages while being more secure.

Copper pipes have been used for the past many decades because of their strength. With the resources being limited, the price of copper prices has increased manifold. In the prevailing scenario, the CPVC pipes offer a great way to have corrosion resistance and other reliable properties in a plumbing system, at very low cost.

No leaks
Copper and other metals suffer from the keyhole leakages. Corrosion and fluid-flow causes in them small leakages that are devastating for the processes and transport systems, in the long term. Aggressive water systems do not the affect the CPVC pipes, and they remain devoid of any kind of leakage issues, for decades to come.

High Quality
CPVC pipes are of good quality. They do not suffer from scaling and pittance. They maintain the quality of drinking water (which is often transported through them), even in those cases when the pH of the water source falls below the normal level of 6.5.

Complying with the building codes
The CPVC pipes fittings suppliers in Saudi Arabia provide the now “recommended” options viz. CPVC pipes, for the plumbing portable-water-systems, as a number of building codes across countries recommend them. CPVC pipes eliminate all kinds of noises, like water hammer and voices related to water flow. They also save energy with their thermal-insulation properties. They are also sued for the refrigeration systems, and along with the Danfoss controls, provide for best-in-class control.

Stable prices
The prices of CPVC pipes are not affected by the market fluctuations, and their costs remain free of the international demand and supply patterns.

Quick and easy installation
Builders can save a lot with the CPVC pipes, which provide for easy and quick installation. They do not require soldering or welding and are bonded by the “pressure tested” solvent-cement bonding system.


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